Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday - A Going Home Service

This week's tombstone Tuesday isn't exactly a tombstone. It's a picture from my great -grandmother's, Edith Ewell Everett, going home service.

This picture has haunted me for years. According to the description that Aunt Martha wrote by this picture, my grandmother and my oldest uncle, Thomas Langston Jones, are supposed to be in the picture, but for the life of me I've never been able to identify them and silly me never thought to ask my aunt while she was still living. My uncle would have been 3 when my great-grandmother died. For some reason, all the children in this picture have always seemed older than three.

The only person that I'm fairly confident that I can identify is my great-grandfather. I believe that's him with the umbrella. To me, he looks like an older version of my other picture that I have of my great-grandfather.

I've often wondered if other relatives / ancestors are in this picture. Could some of the women be my great-great aunts?

The bigger question is where is my great-grandmother buried. I suspect it's going to take a trip to the eastern part of the North Carolina to try to answer that question. I have a copy of her death certificate but no cemetery or undertaker is indicated on it. Sounds like a research trip is in order to Martin County. At the rate things are going, this trip will probably get done sooner than the one I'm trying to plan for GA to research my maternal ancestors.
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  1. That photo is a treasure.I think we all have a least one picture we wish we had asked about when the old ones were still with us,now I'm getting to be the old one!Thank you for sharing this!

  2. That's a great picture. I think the 3 year old is probably the little one to the right of the casket, don't you?

  3. What an amazing & haunting image Mavis! For sure, those are some of your "unknown" Ancestors.

    Wow, what year was this taken?


  4. Nadasue, can't believe I never noticed the little boy to the right until now. Yes, that is probably my uncle, Thomas Langston Jones.

    Luckie, my great grandmother Edith died in 1917, so that's how old the picture is. Somewhere along the way it got sliced in two and Aunt Martha held it together with the infamous yellowing scotch tape.

  5. What a fantastic picture--sad, yes, but each person looks like he or she could step off the paper and talk to you.


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