Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sentimental Sunday

This coming Wednesday will mark the one year anniversary of your going home, the day I said my final good byes. And while I carry on, things just haven' been quite the same. Not that I don't continue to cry but as the days that marked the anniversary of your death and going home services rapidly approached, I found myself shedding many a tear, again.

There's so much I miss - our arguments, our discussions, WSSU football games, going to church together, listening to the Sunday School lessons for the following week on "The Light 106.9" out of Black Mountain, and I especially miss the time you stayed with me before going into assisted living.

I also think about the things we never accomplished like visiting The Billy Graham Library. We'll we did actually go. It was just too close to closing to go on a tour of the place and some how we never went back.

I'm often saddened when I think that your legacy, your branch of the tree, ends with me. I once heard that our descendants are our true legacy, and as I age, I truly believe that is the case. And crazy as it seems, I find myself still explaining to you why the search for the ancestors is so important to me.

Like I told you last year as you were taking your final breaths, you'll always be with me and you are.

I love you daddy and miss you.