About Conversations With My Ancestors

About Conversations with my Ancestors

Conversations with my Ancestors was born on July 8, 2009 and was created to document the research of my paternal ancestors. Georgia Black Crackers, which documents my maternal ancestors, was my initial foray into the world of genealogical blogging. I created this second blog specifically for the paternal side due to the fact that my maternal and paternal lines are from different geographical areas. Research techniques are similar regardless of locale but there are enough differences that I thought my paternal ancestors warranted their own blog.

The other reason I chose to start a separate blog for my paternal ancestors is the maternal side of my family totally engulfs my paternal family / ancestors. Think hundreds of known ancestors / descendents vs. less than 100.

Similar to Georgia Black Crackers, I not only talk about the research of my paternal ancestors but various topics that fit in with the theme of the blog.