Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sentimental Sunday

This coming Wednesday will mark the one year anniversary of your going home, the day I said my final good byes. And while I carry on, things just haven' been quite the same. Not that I don't continue to cry but as the days that marked the anniversary of your death and going home services rapidly approached, I found myself shedding many a tear, again.

There's so much I miss - our arguments, our discussions, WSSU football games, going to church together, listening to the Sunday School lessons for the following week on "The Light 106.9" out of Black Mountain, and I especially miss the time you stayed with me before going into assisted living.

I also think about the things we never accomplished like visiting The Billy Graham Library. We'll we did actually go. It was just too close to closing to go on a tour of the place and some how we never went back.

I'm often saddened when I think that your legacy, your branch of the tree, ends with me. I once heard that our descendants are our true legacy, and as I age, I truly believe that is the case. And crazy as it seems, I find myself still explaining to you why the search for the ancestors is so important to me.

Like I told you last year as you were taking your final breaths, you'll always be with me and you are.

I love you daddy and miss you.


  1. He is indeed always with you. What a beautiful tribute to your dad. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. What a touching tribute. He would be so proud of what you've accomplished in your research!

  3. Mavis, thank you for sharing this. You must miss your father so much. I lost my father three years ago, but it still seems like yesterday. I agree with J. Green that he must be very proud of you. He must have been an inspiring man.


  4. Hey Mavis,
    Wow, it really doesn't seem like it's been a year. This is a beautiful tribute to your father. I know he's smiling down on you.
    Stay strong. I'm here. :)


  5. Mavis, Nice remembrance of your Dad. Just thought I'd stop by while I'm waiting and waiting to download. End of the line is all the more reason to research. Who would do it if you don't? Bless you & Happy Easter.

  6. This is a nice remembrance and I like the photo of the two of you at the end.

  7. Mavis, that was so beautifully written. You look just like your dad. Know that his legacy will live on--long past you-- in the people he influenced and in the memories of those who loved him.


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