Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fingers crossed

At the end of May, while googling African-American Everett families from Martin County, NC, I came across an old thread / post on Ancestry. When I say old, I mean that it was started in 2001. The last reply / response was in April of 2008.

Even though it was old, I decided to take a chance and leave a response outlining my Everett Genealogy as I knew it at that time (about a week later I unearthed possible names of my great-great-grandparents). Didn't hear anything. Then last night, I received an e-mail from the originator of the thread. Responded back but haven't received a return e-mail, yet.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is a possible link to a lost branch of our family. I must admit that if it is, it might be difficult to determine at the present time. While I'm able to piece together grandmother's aunts and uncles on her mom's line using the censuses, I know nothing about her dad's line.

Until June, all I knew about my great-granddad was that his name was Peter T. "PT" Everett and that he owned a store. As I recently got a copy of his death certificate, I also possibly have his parent's names, Henry Everett and Vica Ann. I'll post more about my Everett line in another thread.

The other poster doesn't know anything about her Everett line either other than they were from Martin County, NC also. Her grandfather's name was Charles Everett

I have to admit that I'm having another one of my crazy gut feelings. Don't all genealogist get them? I just have a feeling about this. Hopefully, I hear back from the other poster soon. I'm sitting on pins and needles now in anticipation that perhaps I'm reclaiming a part of our family.

Til Next Time!



  1. Mav, I thought you would have learned by now, that cRaZy gut feeling is called intuition & it's far from crazy! You are probably on to something girl!

    Even if you all know little, two heads are better than one! I love having folks to bounce things off of!

    Good luck & keep us posted.


  2. Mav - I meant to include this earlier. If you have any doubt about how powerful a post can be - old or new, read this:

    Not only did it change my world but it introduced me to our Natural Puff-Puff, A. Spence!:-)



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