Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - DigitalNC and College Yearbooks

If you have ancestral roots in NC, be sure to check out DigitalNC. Many of the colleges and universities in the Old North State have posted their yearbooks on "DigitalNC: North Carolina's Digital Heritage." The years covered are 1890 - Present. Of course, not all the schools' yearbooks go back that far and not all years are posted within a given schools set of yearbooks, and sometimes folks just didn't take pictures. But, if your ancestor's decided to have their picture included in the yearsbook, it is invaluable in  finding out  what ancestors and family members looked like in their younger days. It's also a terrific way to see how styles and fashions have changed over the years.

Among the postings for the The Ram, Winston-Salem State Teachers College / University's Yearbook, I found my two aunts.

Winston Salem State Teacher's College
Class of 1946
Martha Jones "Sister"
URL(s) =

and from the Class of 1950

Winston Salem State Teacher's College
Emmanuline Jones
URL(s) =

In some of the more recent yearbooks, I was able to see some pictures of my cousins from back in the day.

And if any relatives or friends get any bright ideas about trying to find me among yearbook listings on DigitalNC, I am one of those wonderful people that never took a picture.

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