Monday, August 15, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - Garden Prize to Be Awarded

An Amanuensis is a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

I am continuing to work on transcribing the many newspaper clippings contained in an old scrapbook that I inherited from my Aunt Martha after she passed. Many of these old clippings contain references to my paternal grandfather, Rev. H. C. Jones.

Association Will Award Garden Prize

Among the project now under way by the Negro Home and Welfare Association are the Fall vegetable gardens, in which the Garden Club Council of the city will award a prize to the club reporting the largest number of Fall and Winter gardens planted by the October Council meeting.

As an aid to the gardeners, Rev. H. C. Jones, director of the Associations states that some of the vegetables which may be planted now are: carrots, Early Jersey and Charleston Wakesfield cabbage, chard, corn, salad, cress, dandelion, endive, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, martynia, mustard, onion seeds and sets, parsley, radish, sorrel, spinach, turnip greens, horseradish, rhubarb and Florence fenel.

Rev. Jones also said that one of the most important of the project now under way is the effort to build up rural community centers. This need for the centers has arisen due to the consolidation of many of the rural schools which were formerly the meeting places for social and community affairs.

Upon the request of the Youth Welfare Movement, clubs are asked to furnish fellowship friends for delinquent youths who will attempt to give moral, spiritual and vocational guidance. Several of these clubs have already been organized in churches under the leadership of Odell Spease, director of recreation of the Youth Welfare Movement. Assisting Mr. Spease are Thurmond Greenwood, William J. Johnson and H. W. Sinclair.


Amanuensis Monday is a daily blogging theme which encourages the family historian to transcribe family letters, journals, audiotapes, and other historical artifacts. Not only do the documents contain genealogical information, the words breathe life into kin – some we never met – others we see a time in their life before we knew them. A fuller explanation can be found here.

Amanuensis Monday is a popular ongoing series created by John Newmark at TransylvanianDutch.

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