Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - the Jones Family

From the collection of Mavis Jones

Believe or not, at the point in time that this picture was taken, abt. 1973, this is almost all of the descendants of my grandparents. The only ones missing are three of my first cousins, and of course my oldest uncle, who was already deceased. When talking descendants, daddy's side of the family (6 grandchildren) stands in stark contrast to my mother's side of the family (26 grandchildren).


  1. Wonderful photo Mavis - and isn't it odd how one side of the family can have so many more descendants than another? Same way in my family!

  2. Beautiful portrait! Isn't it amazing how quickly families grow? About as soon as you get the entire family together for a portrait, the family grows bigger. :)

  3. It is so important that these photos were made when the opportunity presented itself. I have a family that apparently never took any of their own. Their grandkids get so excited to see some of mine!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Bill ;-)

  4. Thomas, I've always found it odd considering they lived in the same time frame. Even stranger that the small side is my east coast to west coast side and the one with the tons of descendants stayed put for the most part.

    Lori, the 3 cousins that are missing are the older cousins. I was the youngest grandchild. My cousin Valerie, other side seated, was 3 months older than me and the youngest male grandchild is the tallest person in the picture.

    Bill, I think this is probably the closest, outside funerals, that we were all together at one time.


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