Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Aunt Mable Berry

According to cousin Alice Berry's letter to me (1991), Aunt Mable, cousin Alice's mom, was my great-grandmother's, Edith Ewell, younger sister. Cousin Alice said great grandmom finished rearing her mother after the death of my 2ggrandmother. Maybe it's just me but I've always thought it strange that she never showed up on any of the censuses but I have to admit that I've not really looked that hard for her. The other strangeness was that given the closness of cousin Alice and her mom to dad and my aunt's and uncles, they always talked about Cousin Alice being a distant cousin and we were the only family she had. Hearing that for so long, I was really shocked when cousin Alice revealed that she and my grandmother were first cousins and that Aunt Mabel was grandmom's aunt. Sigh, my paternal side, what can I say.
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