Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Unexpected - Recent Member Connect Activity

Today started off like any other genealogical day. Where and what avenue next to try to break through the brick wall of my ggrandmother Martha Jones. So, I was on Ancestry, bright and early this AM when I noticed that someone had added my grandparents and my uncle Claudius to their "private" tree. To tell you the truth, I actually found this to be a bit unsettling. My paternal side of the family is the much smaller of my two lines and no known relatives on my paternal grandfather's line outside of course my aunts, uncles, etc., so you can see why this would be a bit unsettling. Who was this person? Why is their tree private? And most importantly, why are they adding my grandparents and family members to their tree. Well, I decided that the only way to get to the bottom of this was to just ask the person. So, I sent a message via ancestry. For some reason, I wasn't expecting a response. Maybe it was due to the whole tree being private, nothing in their profile, etc.

Well, I did get a response and the gut tells me that I've possibly found relatives I never knew existed. So, let's see if I can lay out the details as quickly as possible. My General Williams, who along with Mary Elizabeth Jones (Jones surname not documented, yet) Williams, reared my grandfather is Isabella's great uncle and get this, Isabella's grandmother's name on her paternal side is Isabella Jones.

Is it possible that Isabella, Mary, and my Martha were sisters? This is not just a coincident. There is something here, I can just feel it. So, return e-mail has been sent and I try to patiently wait for a response from hopefully a new cousin and for a new lead to the mystery of my ggrandmother Martha.

Until Next Time!


  1. I anxiously wait with you! How exciting for you. I have posted messages on the Ancestry board, nothing. It can be so frustrating. I wish you lots of success and quick replies!

  2. Mavis,

    I know that "unsettling" feeling you describe. Fortunately, in your case the person did respond to your email. I hope you have made the family connection you are looking for.


  3. Sandra,

    Right now, I've not had a response to my response to Isabella. The strange thing is I had another episode like that the very next day with a line of my Hosch ancestors. Haven't heard anything back from that person. I hate to do but for the very first time I am actually considering making my trees on ancestry private.

  4. I've had some interesting connections on Member Connect, too. Mostly good, though! My tree is now private, mostly because of the responsibility I feel for having it exactly right and sourced. I'm still new to this, so I don't want my research to be taken as the gospel truth.

  5. Mavis,
    I know how exactly how you feel! Wanted to so many times to make my tree private, but I am so scared if I do, I will not make the right connect. Remember our research is our research. Thats why we have Blogs and like me have journels full of notes. No one can take that from me and I am hoping one day to make that ultimate connect.


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