Sunday, October 25, 2009

Your Most Unique Ancestral Name - SNGF Challenge

Both last week and this, I've been a day late in participating in Randy Seaver's, Genea-Musings, Saturday Night Genealogy Fun Challenge.

This weeks challenge reads

Hey, genealogy fans - it's Saturday Night - time for more Genealogy Fun!

In honor of Surname Saturday (the new, official genealogy blogging prompt for Saturdays), let's consider this, assuming you accept the challenge to play along (is it Mission Impossible?):

1) What is the most unique, strangest or funniest combination of given name and last name in your ancestry? Not in your database - in your ancestry.

2) Tell us about this person in a blog post, in a comment to this blog post, or in a comment on Facebook.

3) Okay, if you don't have a really good one - how about a sibling of your direct ancestors?

Mine would have to be my uncle Corn Sill Jones. Yes, you saw that right, Corn Sill. At least until I started doing my research, that's what I always was told, by Aunt Martha, his name was.
Uncle Corn Sill didn't have a very long life. He only lived 6 months. As the story was relayed to me, he was named after Mr. Corn and Mr. Sill who both had some type of interaction / dealings with my grandfather and impressed him enough that granddad named his baby boy after both men. I'me always telling my cousins that our uncle didn't want to be saddled with the name so he decided to check out a bit early.
A few months ago, I came across my uncle's death certificate which shows his name as being Coan Sills not Corn Sill. Either way it's still a most unusal name. 
Until next time!

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